Raphael Peterson Media Specialist

Optimize Your Opportunities.

When it comes to being seen, found, known or followed, Raphael goes undercover on your behalf. Prioritizing honesty above all, Raphael expends serious focus sifting through what he calls the “ocean of promotion” in the search engine world. His aim is to apply optimal solutions to your unique marketing goals; not necessarily the most loudly touted software or newbie module.

Recruited by The Idea Center from a former career in the financial and medical billing industries, Raphael enjoys his now atypical environment where ideas are aired, tested and exchanged among the team regularly. Rather than corporate culture, he likens The Idea Center to an ongoing conversation.

Intent on correcting any passive online existence, Raphael will vigilantly choose search terms, keywords, meta descriptions, links, and content designed to up your ranking — and position you for new opportunities. His intrinsic patience pays off, for example, when you’re introducing new products or services that prospects are searching under old or competitive names. Give Raphael the challenge of raising product A’s visibility over product B’s and he’ll investigate until he discovers what truly works.

Well aware that Google wants content relevant to what users are actually looking for, Raphael is also a certified Google partner who remains in tune with Google’s algorithms and preferences. He strives to clarify your online strategy, so you can remove SEO from your to-do list.

Outside of work, Raphael works out and reads. He calls his love of books his deliberate mental exercise. It’s what sharpens his ability to continually sift through the Internet’s mixed messaging and choose wisely for you.

An avid remover of “cloudiness” and “fluff” in content, Raphael is also a very big fan of sandwiches. Mostly, because they simplify.