Flipboard Roundup March 3/13-3/17

Here are some of the latest Flipboard articles that grabbed our attention:

This AdWeek article discusses the trend of programmatic advertising in marketing, per the “State of Performance Marketing” report from AdRoll. Programmatic advertising is algorithm-based, reactive targeting of “ad units to specific audiences.” ┬áThe possibilities for leveraging the technological/informational advantage of programmatic advertising are huge, and are only going to increase as time goes on.

Digiday outlines the Guardian’s success employing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Google’s solution for page-loading speeds. The Guardian was an early adopter of AMP, which now counts for 60% of the news outlet’s mobile traffic. This new capability also comes with its challenges, and requires webmaster vigilance. AMP coding can invalidate a web page, making it inaccessible to users, if not used correctly.

European marketing site The Drum reported on the VP of marketing for P&G EMA Sophie Blum’s comments on the “lifestyle” shift that is mobile. “…anywhere, anytime, whenever I want & however I want on my own terms…” is how she describes the consumer mindset. “Attention is the new currency.” She also notes that the seismic change brought on by mobile is still manageable. “Once you understand the consumer, you transform the insights into a creative idea.”