Integrated Global

Providing more than industrial metal wastage solutions: Integrated Global Services offers our nation’s power industries peace of mind. The Idea Center ensures their customers know who they are and what they do best.

IGS’s reputation is founded on excellence in customer care and reliable, leading-edge technology. We are their creative team, marketing their industrial persona to the widest audience possible, and helping them to connect and partner with industries across the nation. For over thirty years, Integrated Global Services has built and maintained strong personal relationships with the companies they service across the United States. The Idea Center team has developed a custom, image and video-driven website to display the many technical aspects of this rugged client. We have produced numerous videos and photography projects, including filming on-site production in their Palm Springs, California plant. The Idea Center has created a professional, public representation for IGS by building for them a custom trade show booth, showcasing their brand boldly to their peers. When American industry looks for IGS, they find them represented in a consistently stylish, effective light.

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